I fought hard against Gamanon.  It ‘wasn’t for me’, I saw it as it wasn’t my issue and to be brutally honest, at the time just the mention of anything gambling related- even GA or Gamanon – made my blood boil, I was so angry.  My partner had been in GA for 5 years when I realised, I was still angry, bitter, unreasonable and I was miserable.

Nearly 4 years ago, I decided I was fed up of being miserable.  My gambler stopping gambling wasn’t making me happy or back to the person I once was so I decided Gamanon was the last resort.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I get to focus on myself and not my gambler and through working the 12 step programme, my life is much happier, calmer and my mind clearer.

Wendy (Aberdeen, Wednesday) June 2021

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